“The Research Partnership brings a wealth of skill and talent to our research questions. Their professional approach has helped us understand ourselves and those we serve with new insight. We consider them an important partner in
Via Christi decision-making.”
Peg T. Vice President
Via Christi Planning and Marketing

“The Research Partnership has been the perfect research ally in a consumer landscape that tends to constantly war with itself. They are flexible, talented, and really listen to what we need when we need it. Instead of saying it can’t be done within the perimeters we are usually bound by, they find a way to make the projects work. I know that our view of the consumer would be shallower and less useful, and accordingly our products would satisfy fewer people, if we didn’t have The Research Partnership to help us find the insights that lead to better development and innovation.”
Nicole F. Consumer Strategies
The Coleman Company, Inc.

“For over a decade, The Research Partnership has been instrumental in helping Wichita State University assess our market and the impact of our marketing programs. The research team goes deep to clearly understand our issues and help shape appropriate solutions. Our marketing efforts are more effective because of the skill and expertise The Research Partnership brings to its work with us.”
Barth H. Associate Vice President for University Relations
Wichita State University